In the 2nd week of PETA, I learned about planning for instruction. It was interesting class because there were a lot of activities I did.  I learned about the characteristics of teaching for understanding exactly. From discussion with my friends, we decided that teaching for understanding should contain experiences and fun. We also had a chance to watch a video that showed to us about effective teaching. In fact, after Ms. Tika explaining the exactly meaning of effective teaching, teaching for understanding in particular, we knew that teaching not only contained of fun and experiences, but also it should require higher order thinking. Teaching shouldn’t only propose activities focused design and coverage focused design, but also it should let students to argue, think critically, and learn by doing. Teaching effectively should cover all stages of Bloom’s Taxonomy. At the first time, I assumed that teaching effectively contained fun activities, experience through the topic, and fulfillment of syllabus. Nevertheless, after following PETA course, I knew that teaching effectively require more than those. Teaching effectively should also be delivered by teachers that have knowledge of content, pedagogical content knowledge, general pedagogical knowledge, and knowledge of learners and learning. Teaching can’t be served by any person. This course gave me a lot of valuable knowledge.

(Faqih Al Adyan, 2009110038)